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A Place with Identity (Ipswich)

A growing city Ipswich’s population is projected to more than double over the next 12 years, according to the local council. Nov 8, 2018 News – The population of Ipswich has cracked the 215,000 [more]
by Tony Wang
Dec 21, 2018

Is it really worth your time and stress ...

Look: If you’re like most people you’re not using an agent because you’re loo [more]
by KG Real Admin
Sep 13, 2017

Why Real Estate Property Sales should be...

Bottom line? Sellers who want to sell their home for the best price while not letting it sit on [more]
by KG Real Admin
Sep 13, 2017

Why it is important to have regular Rout...

Rental inspections are a vital part of the rental process. It is essential to ensure smalls iss [more]
by KG Real Admin
Sep 13, 2017
Property Managers

Property Managers – The Great the ...

Favourite Quote about Property Management: “I’d Rather Have an Average Property with an Excelle [more]
by KG Real Admin
Aug 16, 2017

Why I love working in real estate

As a refugee from Vietnam my parents realised that they had no choice but to leave by boat to f [more]
by KG Real Admin
Apr 02, 2017